Monday, February 14, 2011

Why my kids each have 30 pairs of underwear....


It's been a long time since I've been glad to be back!  Why have I been gone? Why am I thinking I'm the smartest woman in the world for my kids having 30 pairs of underwear each....really?!?  Because I've been living the Matilda Jane life.  For over two weeks my life has consisted of a mad rush to order clothing, have shows, and deal with multiple work issues.  It was mayhem.  And I'm so glad it's over...except that I have to do it again in March.....
This is what my computer screen looked like much of the last two weeks.....oy!

But the last few days have been great...because I finally get to enjoy my kids again...and got to spend a night out with Mike as well!  So some pics....nothing too fancy...just my enjoyment!
My beautiful girls before their ballet performance....I can't believe how old Payton looks here.  They did such a beautiful job...such a pleasure to watch them dance!

And Noah and I had a cute is this boy?  God I hope he never finds a woman he loves more than his momma!  We went for sushi and then to the bookstore.  So enjoyable....loved every second.  I've got to do this more often!

And then there is Sawyer...always there is Sawyer.  He visited Kindergarten today....since when is my baby old enough to sit at a table like a big boy like this?
Yup, just a kindy dude...having some animal crackers.

Then we hung out on the big chairs....

Time for computers....gotta check his facebook page....
Listen up kids....

Now it's getting ridiculous!  He owns this place!

I've missed being here and documenting my silly crazy life.  I can't wait to come back tomorrow!

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