Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Let's Talk About Erectile Dysfunction Commercials!

Erectile Dysfunction commericals are so ridiculous lately....I swear last night I must have seen 6 of these.  I don't mean to belittle this overtalked about and overglorified important problem, but must I see it during my tv shows repeatedly? And I swear to god, it just came on the TV as I'm writing this blog!  It was a sign that I must speak! Especially when they are as ridiculous as the new Cialis commercial.  It goes something like this:
Multiple scenerios between three sets of couples:
1. A romantic moment between a couple cleaning their garage.....they touch hands over a box and he gives her the look...they are then embracing in the garage....ready to go, loving each other so much....
2. A couple dining by candlelight in their kitchen....she brushes a crumb from the corner of her husband's mouth...and next scene they are headed up the stairs....
3.  And my favorite....a couple raking leaves.....they touch the rake at the same scene they are pitching a tent in the back yard and getting settled around a campfire and he's giving her the "eye"....

And it ends with each couple next to each other each in a bathtub....

Ummmm......I need to find out who Cialis's marketing/advertising company is and tell them they are complete dingbats.  My take:

Scenerio 1:  Well, last weekend Mike and I cleaned out our garage, and the last thing I wanted to do is drop down on my garage floor and go at it.  It was not romantic....we were yelling at the kids to find something to do, it was filthy, and we both stunk to high hell.  The last thing on my mind was "let's get busy're so sexy cleaning the garage!"  I wanted him to haul the crap I wanted gone to the curb faster and follow my directions quicker so we could get this over with.  The only looks between us cleaning the garage were dirty ones...and not that dirty...evil eyes! my idea of a "come hither" moment.

Scenerio 2: No candlelight in my house...I'm afraid of flame candles.  All of mine are battery operated.  I've got 4 kids, I don't need someone knocking a candle over and burning the damn house down.  Also, in this house there is no time for candlelight....4 kids are hungry, I'm starving...and we've got to get in the car to take someone to something.  Also, if any woman wipes the corner of her husband's face, I need to slap her face.  He can wipe his own mouth--you're not his mother and that's just way am I wiping Mike's, I've got 4 other faces to wipe, and 40 sticky fingers too.  Not romantic....and I'm not heading for the bedroom after I wipe everyone down.

Scenerio 3:  Now this one is really funny to me.  You tell me a woman who is turned on by raking leaves outside with her husband, and I'll get you a thong-wearing lawn boy for a year.  This scene is crazy ridiculous!  They think pitching a tent is romantic?  (Ha!  Pitching a tent....see the symbolism?)  Anyone who knows me at all knows that pitching a tent is the LEAST romantic thing I can EVER think of doing!  Pitch me a tent to try and be romantic and you'll be digging a ditch to bury your dreams of getting any!  And then the campfire!  Sure, I want you near me when you stink like outdoor smoke and burning wood...yes, please, bring it...your burning wood is so hot...well, I guess that is the idea!

And then the bathtubs at the end....where the heck did that come from?  I thought you were using medicine for erectile you're taking a bath?  And why are you in seperate bathtubs?  And what man takes baths? 

I just don't understand why these commericals are airing so often...and why all us have to constantly see it.  I mean, it's coming on when kids can see!  Watch a baseball game lately?  Erectile dysfunction commericals are popping up at every commercial break!  I think there are a lot of other conditions and pharmaceuticals that could use a little more air time than the constant reminder of ED. 

And that, my friends, is my commentary on the industry of erectile dysfunction commercials.  I know your life can now go on.....

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