Monday, January 24, 2011

It's X-rated Monday night!

Okay, don't judge.  Here is an x-rated blog cover the innocent children's eyes and ears.

Does anyone else's husbands just do crazy things like this?
He just comes into my den while I'm working, plops this down on my desk, and starts cracking up, giving me the "eye".  What does this mean?  Can't you see I'm working?  Really? 
Just when do men outgrow things like this?  I mean, we have FOUR KIDS!  He's got an MBA and works for a major corporation....he has a mortgage...he's a "big boy".  Really?

Or this one: the heck do you turn these pics?

 So this cute little lunch box I'm using to put hair bows in for work.  So, it's sitting on the counter, and he says, "I don't know, how many licks does it take?"  (insert eyebrow wiggle and wink).
Really? I mean, does everything have to take a meaning like this?  This all coming from the man who is telling me I can't have another baby.  Also after his facebook status concerns making a pass at me tonight.  Honey, ya gotta do better than a facebook status....although I know he was just being sweet because I'm totally peeved at not losing any weight this week.

So when do men outgrow constantly thinking about "IT".  Talking about "IT".  Making jokes about "IT".  Making references to "IT".  Turning all attention to "IT"?????

Maybe I'm totally outing my dear sweet husband who is going to kill me when he reads this post as a total pervert.  And maybe I'm outing myself and my family as weirdos and people will run screaming away from  us from now on, whispering "You know about those Jordans....let me tell you what she wrote on her blog!"

Mike tells me all men make comments like this....hmmmmm.....makes me wonder......

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